Disseny d'un preparat enzimàtic industrial comercial: activitats enzimàtiques, formulació, estabilitat i aplicacions


Bagot Alcaraz, Meritxell 


In this thesis, the product named Benchmark has been analyzed and substituted. It is a multi-enzyme complex from a European enzyme producer obtained by solid fungal fermentation of the microorganism Aspergillus aculeatus. The main application of this enzyme is to facilitate the clarification of grape must. The preparation of three formulations using the raw materials in Biocon's private library enabled the achievement of the objectives. The analysis of the outstanding microorganism enzymatic activities allowed to compare the different candidates with the enzyme to be substituted. The enzyme formulations developed achieve most of the target values for all identified activities. Among others, the main pectinolytic activities polygalacturonase (>913 U/g), pectinesterase (>547 U/g) and pectin lyase (>30 U/g) stand out. Clarification of macerated and unmacerated grape juice allowed the evaluation of the formulas' efficiencies. The most remarkable parameters that allowed the performance evaluation were the clarified volume, turbidity, colour, and despectination degree. Formulations and Benchmark had equal performance: clarification efficiency reached values up to 85%; turbidity decreased from 700-800 NTU to 10-15 NTU in 21h; red colour ranged between 32-38% (macerated juices) and 13-17% (unmacerated).



Abad Sánchez, Sergi
Planas Sauter, Antoni  


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology