DSal: Instalaciones desalinizadoras renovables


Jo Mariotti, Piero Mª


The next job is to find a viable alternative to one of the biggest problems facing humanity in the future, the global drought. As the human population grows, so does the consumption of drinking water. This is not only because there are more people requiring hydration, but also because, to provide more people with services and products, there is a decrease in the use of environmentally friendly technologies and a reduction in natural water sources. sweet.
The proposed solution is not simple and requires a great technological improvement. This project is based on a well-developed technology such as desalination, a practice that has a high energy consumption as a counterpart. The company focuses on the development of plants that reduce the consumption produced by the desalination process.
DSal plans to seek an economically and environmentally sustainable solution through the use of desalination plants that use renewable energy, which can reduce the high operating costs of this type of facility.
DSal aims to obtain its income from the design, promotion and operation and maintenance of desalination plants. Initially, it focuses on developing the activity in Spain, although the door to international expansion does not close when the economic situation and experience allow it.



Molins López, Manuel


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management