Cañellas Collados, Jaume
Mellado Martín, Albert



When it came to considering what final degree work we would do, we decided to combine one of our passions, the engine, with the idea of ​​being able to have a business, and thus be able to combine work with our hobbies. As a result, we began to come up with different business models and ideas, but always keeping in mind that they had to be related to the world of motoring. At first, we planned to create a car or motorcycle dealership. But, finally, we decided to create a multi-brand electric motorcycle shop in Barcelona and one of the objectives we set ourselves, when creating this business model, is that our store should be the reference store for Barcelona and Catalonia in terms of electric motorcycles. E-motorsport is a project that arises as a result of a niche market, in which we saw the opportunity to enter, due to the little supply that exists in Catalonia in the sector of electric motorcycles and likewise, we appreciated that there was no specialized store only with motorcycles of these characteristics. Before starting the project, we decided to do a survey to see if the citizen would be interested in buying an electric motorbike, or if they would rather buy it than use the motorbike sharing. With the results we obtained, we observed a good reception from the respondents with which we decided to carry out the project. The operation of our business is simple because we are the intermediary between the suppliers from whom we buy the electric motorcycles, and the customer, to whom we sell the final product, that is, the motorcycle. Finally we opted for this idea, as this sector was a little more unknown and we did not want to be tied to any brand of motorcycles, this gave us the opportunity to go for free, so we could choose which models of motorcycles and brands we wanted sell in our store. This gave us a lot more freedom to do our business, as we do not have to follow the brand standards that can be demanded by the manufacturers of these vehicles, when it comes to being able to sell their products at a dealership. We also do not opt ​​to create a one-brand dealer because, in the sector of electric motorcycles, their manufacturers do not yet have a wide variety of models. That is why each manufacturer manufactures a small number of models that it manufactures. A brief summary of the business idea we have chosen would be that it is a multi-brand store of electric motorcycles where we will offer models of motorcycles of all powers, that is, from mopeds to motorcycles that already require a "A" driver's license for be able to use them. This will be located in Barcelona, ​​as this is the city where the business we will create fits best.



Farreras Ventura, Marçal


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management