Eco i Net


Broder Emo, Sandro
Sagalés i Coronas, Antoni Maria 


Today there is a serious problem worldwide with the plastics industry. Waste that is difficult to recycle is being generated and, little by little, the resources of our planet are running out. This problem is known to practically everyone, however, only a small part of the population cares and acts to solve it.
For this reason, Eco y Net was born: a company dedicated to selling cleaning products in bulk at retail, through the philosophy of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.
Eco y Net sells the products in a store located in Barcelona, ​​​​in order to reach the largest possible number of consumers. For this reason, the store has chosen to differentiate itself in image and technology, achieving a significant competitive advantage over the competition.
In this way, it is intended to change the concept of bulk store that currently exists, for a totally revolutionary concept: a store of bulk cleaning products that transmits quality, with good service and that is closer to society through the use of technology.
Being a relatively new market and the low economic impact of this sector, information on this type of business is very limited. Therefore, the market potential has been calculated with various iterations, and the first year has resulted in sales of 24,698.47 L equivalent to a value of €130,900.87 with a market share of 0.6%.
The business is economically and financially viable, which is demonstrated financially. With an initial investment of €50,000 divided between both partners, all initial costs are covered without having to request a loan.
The first year is mainly dedicated to building brand awareness and gaining a positive reputation, and although losses are incurred, they are covered by the initial investment. In the second year the situation improves: the treasury begins to grow and a positive result is obtained. But it is the third year, in which the company is expected to grow significantly, obtaining a positive result of €22,029.00 and a cash balance of €60,679.69.
Eco y Net is expected to be a well-known brand throughout Barcelona and to transmit its corporate values ​​to as many people as possible, in order to expand and open other establishments in the near future and to help achieve a sustainable world.



Martínez Guillén, Carmen


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management