Elaboración de un plan de empresa para un negocio de “mobile fueling” y limpieza de vehículos


Cunill Carreras, Albert
Davila Puiggros, Alex



This business plan is based on the creation of a mobile fuel transport and refueling business (usually called “mobile fueling”) and vehicle cleaning “at home”. Thus, the business will have two types of differentiated services: the refueling service for vehicles in practically any place that the end user wishes, and the vehicle cleaning service that can also be carried out in practically any place. In relation to the "mobile fueling" service, this will be based mainly on transporting the fuel of the clients of this business (which will be mainly oil companies) to the end users who, as in the cleaning service, will be able to request refueling through a mobile application, selecting the desired refueling location on the map. The way in which the refueling will be carried out will be through specialized trucks, as is already beginning to be done mainly in the US market and in the United Arab Emirates. The customer will simply have to register in the application with a payment method and with the vehicle's license plate, select the amount of fuel they want and the place and time, and a truck will travel to refuel, even being possible to do it without the end user is present at the time of refueling leaving the vehicle's fuel door open. In relation to the “at home” vehicle cleaning service, this will be carried out in the same way as for the “mobile fueling” service, with the difference that if the end user only requests this service, a motorcycle will be moved to carry out cleaning in the place indicated by the user, and not a truck as in the case of "mobile fueling". It should be noted about the cleaning service that only ecological cleaning products will be used without spilling waste or water on public roads, which will allow compliance with the law in the sense detailed in the business plan.
Regarding the location of the business, the activity will start in two states of the United States (California and Illinois) for both services, and in two cities of Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) only for the vehicle cleaning service. The activity of "mobile fueling" will not start initially in Spain because, being a very innovative service, it does not yet have specific regulations, so there would not be sufficient legal certainty to make large investments in the sense detailed in the business plan. On the contrary, California and Illinois are states that have specific regulations for these "at home" refueling services, so it can be safely determined that the activity will be carried out in accordance with the laws.
In relation to the income that the business will obtain, the end users (which may be individuals or companies with vehicle fleets) will have to pay the price for the services performed (for fuel and/or cleaning) and will also have to pay a price for transport, or a monthly subscription that will allow them to request an unlimited number of services without paying an added cost for transport. A part of the price paid by the end users will go to the customers (the oil companies that have fuel and/or the cleaning companies), since they are the ones that will provide the customers and the fuel. It should also be noted that the business plan has been designed through a modern corporate mission, vision and values ​​due to the innovative and technological nature of the business, with a desire to accelerate the transition of service stations or gas stations and cleaning establishments of traditional vehicles towards refueling and cleaning service for vehicles in the place that the user wants and in an ecological and sustainable way, also solving several current problems in relation to physical contact due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Also, essential corporate values ​​have been established, such as commitment to customers, since they will be the basis of the business and, as they are mainly oil or fuel companies, they will have great bargaining power. For this reason, the importance of offering great customer loyalty and attention has been highlighted, which should allow customers to be retained.
This business offers several competitive advantages over direct and indirect competition, such as being able to refuel and clean the vehicle practically anywhere (something that traditional service stations cannot do) or being able to perform services without the end user has to travel or be present. In relation to direct competition, although there are not yet many companies in the sector and those that exist are recently created, some of these already have very high sales charges. To differentiate itself from these, the company has been developed with more modern features and large investments that will redefine the concept of "mobile fueling". Also in relation to this vision and values, the goals of becoming a service recognized by the majority of drivers and generating great attraction and loyalty towards the services, as well as having a good reputation on the part of customers, have been established. to which it is offered to implement the services in their businesses since it will be the main source of generation of new clients. Long-term neutral objectives have also been established (and also short-term for the estimation of sales and accounting) that foresee having a development similar to that of the main companies of direct competition in their first years, among which are getting to have two or more multinational companies in the oil industry as clients or getting to perform more than 7,000 services per day.Finally, it is worth noting the calculations and estimates (see calculations document in the Annex) to make an estimate of the financial statements of the business in the first three years, where the initial investments necessary to carry out the activity have been taken into account. of this business and the initial investments of the first years of direct competition to make the estimates. Despite the loans that will have to be requested the first year due to the investments, the financial expenses will be low compared to the sales charges (especially the second and third years according to the forecast made), so they will not be a problem and sufficient cash will be available for all months of the year. In relation to the results of the business year, it is expected that in three years the business will obtain practically 2,000,000 euros in profits with total sales revenue for the three years of €25,900,000. Also noteworthy is the possibility that is foreseen from the third year of issuing shares or using some other instrument to obtain its own financing, since the first year the company will be financed by external means, and from the third year it is expected that the company It could start to be very interesting for certain shareholders by presenting great results for the first time, so it would no longer be undervalued and it would be interesting to issue shares to avoid loans and be able to make large investments.



Fazio Bieto, José


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management