Estado del arte e introducción de la gamificación para la mejora docente en los estudios de la IQS SoE: una propuesta


Masdeu López de Uralde, Sebastián


Gamification can be defined as the use of elements and techniques extracted from video games applied in non-gaming environments. The main objective of these is to enhance motivation and involvement with the activity carried out in order to improve productivity and involvement with the process or achieve a specific objective.
The concept emerged and has been widely used in the business world, however, in recent years digital development has caused an increase in its popularity and the study of its application has expanded.
It can be seen how all current life is surrounded by these elements. Scores, rankings, or level advancement systems are just a few examples of these. However, after studying the term gamification, these elements must meet certain standards to be classified as such.
During this study, research will focus on the application of gamification to teaching, from the most primary levels to university and more specifically in engineering education.
A study of users and types of gamification will be carried out according to the desired objective.
At the end of the study, an application of gamification in the subject of electrical systems will be considered.



Gallemí Rovira, Oriol  


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering