Estudio de la conductividad en piezas fabricadas mediante FDM


Paso Baar-Baarenfels, Lorenzo  


The present work focuses on the study of thermal conductivity in materials printed by molten deposition. To carry out the proposed tests, a team has been built prepared to determine the coefficient of thermal conductivity experimentally for dry materials with high thermal resistance.
The foundation of the applied method is based on the contribution of a constant thermal flux to two specimens that surround a hot spot in an isolated system. The generated heat is conducted through two samples and dissipated in two cold plates located at their ends.
The power of the bulb is determined by the electrical power used. Taking measurements of the temperature difference between the faces of the specimens, the curve of the coefficient of thermal conductivity as a function of the temperature difference can be drawn. In this way it is possible to obtain the value of the thermal connectivity of the sample material.
In the end, the reason for these tests is to be able to determine if the printing direction of a geometric body by means of FDM influences the thermal properties of a material enough, in such a way that it is another parameter to be considered prior to printing.



Menacho Solà-Morales, Joaquín
Pou Ibar, Josep Oriol


IQS SE - Grado en Ingeniería en Tecnologías Industriales