Implementación de indicadores de mejora de producción en Joan Bonastre, S.A


Ros Matas, Luís


This master's final project consists in carrying out the implementation of the Sage Murano production module for total production management, as well as the collection of productive data. This data will be used to create a series of indicators or KPIs for continuous improvement of the processes and lay a foundation for the subsequent implementation of a Balanced Scorecard (CMI) in the company.
First, the company’s activity is explained focusing on the product it manufactures and the services it provides to its customers. A brief introduction to the concepts of an ERP and the CMI is also given.
As part of the main text, we perform an analysis of the current processes of the company and how they are affected / changed by the implementation of the new ERP module. This step is crucial to better understand how to configure the software for its correct operation. Additionally, the module is validated by conducting a proof-ofconcept test using one of the productive sections of the factory.
Subsequently, an extraction of the data provided by Sage Murano with the implementation is carried out. To calculate the productive indicators associated with the strategic objectives of the company, such as the productive performance or OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), with this indicator the company can measure and control the performance of its production equipment.
Finally, an analysis of the main results obtained is carried out to verify its validity in decision making and in the continuous improvement of the company's processes.



Fernández Esmerats, Joan 


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering