Implementation of Digital Image Correlation technique for vibration testing on an electrodynamic shaker


Aguirre Antonell, Pol


In 2019, ICAM's mechanics lab purchased an air-cooled electromagnetic shaker (Brüel & Kjaer, model LDS V650) for vibration testing, as well as the Vic-3D Fulcrum module, which enables low-speed DIC cameras to capture measurements displacement and deformation during periodic high-velocity events. The agitator and the Fulcrum module are two elements that have not yet been implemented.
The motivation of the work is to join these two investments and start to make measurements of the vibration modes with the Vic2D and Vic-3D digital image correlation  software.
Having started the project, there was a big problem with the amplifier of the new electromagnetic vibrator, and then the tests were carried out with a smaller vibrator that was already in use in the ICAM engineering school for educational vibration tests.



Guy, Philippe


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering