Incorporació d’elements d’avaluació assistida al tauler de control de VISIR


Lluch i Elias, Francesc


This Master's Thesis is part of the VISIR Dashboard project, in which the University of Deusto and the IQS Ramon Llull University are working together to analyze the educational value of the VISIR laboratory, a remote laboratory for electrical circuits.
The VISIR laboratory has a large data storage capacity and is capable of performing analyzes through its control panel (dashboard) called VISIR Dashboard or VISIR-DB, but it does not contain any tools that allow the evaluation of the work done by the student.
These tools exist in other projects carried out by the ASISTEMBE research group, which are based on work indicators (observation items and evaluation milestones). Therefore, there is a need to incorporate tools that facilitate the assisted evaluation in the VISIR-DB.
The results obtained after carrying out the work are: the validation of the normalization process created before the work, the carrying out of certain improvements on this process to achieve a simplified normalized circuit, in the same way, after analyzing the result of the measurement element, it has been discouraged to use it as a possible reference element for assisted evaluation and, finally, all the advances made as well as the work indicators for assisted evaluation have been integrated in the control panel of VISIR, through R and the Shiny package.



Cuadros Margarit, Jordi
Serrano Molinero, Vanessa


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering