Intercambio de baterías en autobuses eléctricos


Elvira Arias, Carlos


This project presents an alternative for recharging batteries in urban electric buses. Current issues on conventional and electric buses are identified.
The route of a conventional bus is calculated and the necessary energy is obtained so that the bus can complete the route. A set of batteries is chosen to replace the combustion engine of a hybrid bus. A rack is designed to group the calculated batteries with their respective bus connection specifications.
A canopy is designed that houses the batteries and a manipulator to exchange the used frame for a fully loaded one. Cargo logistics in plants that do not produce polluting emissions are studied.
An environmental calculation is made. The amount of CO2 saved is calculated to be exchanged for carbon credits.
Finally, a budget and a feasibility study are detailed, based, among others, on financing through carbon credits.
It is a basic project, which requires a deeper study and with more means. The scope of the project is very large, so there are quite a few limitations.
The most remarkable conclusion of the project is the amount of emissions that can be reduced through public and private transport.



Gallemí Rovira, Oriol
Monfort Bernat, Enrique


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering