International Marketing Plan for Biográ and Obrador Sorribas - Exploring new markets: France and Portugal.


el Feghali, Caren
Heimbach, Denisse


The purpose of this Master Thesis is to develop an International Marketing Plan focused on the exportation of the best seller products of Biográ in two new markets, France and Portugal. In order to do so and to succeed in the new markets, we followed a very structured methodology. First, we conducted the internal analysis of the company to understand more the structure, the history, the different processes, the products portfolio, the prices, the customers typology, the positioning and the distribution channels of the company. Afterwards, we managed to conduct the external analysis that gave us an idea about the Spanish and the Worldwide competition, besides, the different indicators of the external environment in each of the two countries. This helped us decide on which country and which strategy Biográ should do. Once we finished both chapters, we did two SWOT Analysis of Biográ, one in France and the other one in Portugal which led us to define the objectives for the company and the tactics to be followed to help achieve these objectives. After this section, we proceeded with the elaboration of the control and evaluation part with the aim of outlining the actions needed to reach each of the objectives. In order to have a better overview on the company we proceeded with a detailed explanation of the marketing budget as well as the financial overview which includes the sales forecast and the calculation of the breakeven point that is calculated by the fixed and variable costs with finally a profit and Losses chart to demonstrate the final income statement of the new markets. This research and analytics work gave place to the conclusion that Biográ will enter the two new markets which are France and Portugal. 



Palau Saumell, Ramon 


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management