Haidar, Nizar
Hosta Faus, Guim  


Linder is a two-sided platform that aims to successfully connect people who want to learn with people who are willing to teach. It is committed to offering a diverse profile of people, from specialized professionals, to students who are willing to teach and learn. In addition, our team will make sure to provide excellent service to users through the application to facilitate contact between them in a simple and user-friendly way. The idea is to provide a continuous learning experience based on personal preferences.
Linder is headquartered in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and is owned by partners Guim Hosta and Nizar Haidar. Both partners will act as stewards and lead the company accordingly. As a startup, the company anticipates exponential user growth that will be supported by aggressive marketing and advertising strategies. This will not only give us an advantage for exponential growth, but also an advantage over the competition.
The top three revenue streams are advertising, premium service, and withdrawal fees. Similarly, for users, the company estimates exponential sales growth following two main strategies, the hockey stick pattern and the slim main focus.
As partners, we expect to contribute a total of $50,000 per partner, with equal monthly distributions for the first three years. However, we will apply for a bank loan of $ 15,000 during the second year and, finally, to offer the business to investors during the third year and we will seek $ 85,000 in exchange for 17% of our company's equity.Linder's idea started from the fact that we wanted to find a way to connect people interested in this niche to lead to a continuous learning platform to help different users develop new knowledge. We define our market as learning and developing new knowledge. It seems that this market is increasing because we are suffering from a Covid-19 pandemic, as many people consider continuing their studies and developing their knowledge.
In terms of competition, we have many direct competitors, many alternatives to be able to achieve the objective we seek. We have a competitive advantage; the way to implement this knowledge, which is through direct contact between users.
The biggest risk associated with our current start-up is the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, but we believe that we can overcome these risks thanks to new technologies and the possibility of teaching online in case the pandemic remains unresolved.



Asenjo Fernández, Javier  


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management