Medición del razonamiento de effectuation en la industria de los videojuegos


Carner Roca, Jana


The video game industry is an innovative and growing sector, however, developers have difficulty finding the most efficient processes to make their products, especially those with high innovation. In the present work, it is studied by means of the diffusion of a questionnaire what reasoning, if of effectuation or of causation, the video game developers feel more comfortable to achieve the success of their product.
To this end, special attention has been paid to the video game industry in Spain and the fundamental differences of both arguments presented by Saras Sarasvathy in 2001 have been described. Below, several articles have been studied that have been key to measuring, developing and disseminating the questionnaire, Followed, the survey has been analyzed using graphs and correlations, and the results have been presented. Finally, the conclusions of the present study have been compared with the reference ones, detailing the limitations and improvements for future studies.



Carner Roca, Jana
Guitert Catasus, Mar


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management