Pharma Industry Communication Strategy during and post-Covid-19


Blanch Anguera, Vinyet


The main aim of this Final Degree Project is to assess how all the security measures and restrictions due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic have impacted communication between the pharmaceutical company Novartis® and its main stakeholders.
To check whether communication between the laboratory and the general public has been affected by the pandemic, an analysis of the company's main social networks (Instagram® and Twitter®) as well as the laboratory's media releases was carried out. Also, interviews were conducted with key roles in the company who are usually involved in communicating relevant information to the different stakeholders.
Results showed how, both on social networks and in the press releases, the issue of Covid-19 has been dealt extensively, explaining recommendations and the company's main contributions to the scientific world to slow down the pandemic. As regards the interviews, although different points of view were obtained depending on the job position held by the interviewee, they all agreed on both the main advantages and disadvantages of the new way of working such as the time saved when working from home or the possibility to hold multiple meetings in one day.
Further studies will help to understand how the situation in 2020 and early 2021 will affect the future communication between pharmaceutical companies and their stakeholders, but everything suggests that there will end up being a balance between face-to-face and virtuality in order to save resources, time and improve the quality of life of the employees of these companies and organisations.



Torrecilla Gumbau, Mònica


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy