Puesta en servicio virtual con SIMATIC y Simulink


Sagalés i Coronas, Antoni Maria


This project explores how to test and design control systems programmed in the TIA Portal environment using Simulink, with the intention of establishing a simple method of communication between programs that does not require advanced programming knowledge.
The method used to achieve this objective involves the use of an OPC UA server. This project focuses on the connection through this type of server.
The work highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the applied method and the steps to follow to put it into practice. In addition, the results of different practical cases are analysed using communication between programs. Thanks to this application it has been possible to test controllers for PLCs in an optimal and simple way.



Molins Vara, José Javier
Yagüe Yagüe, Sauro José


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering