Restaurante Zero Waste


Martín Pérez, Inés
Amigó Viñuales, Mireia  


This business plan seeks to determine the viability of implementing a waste-free restaurant with healthy food in the city of Barcelona. There is a high demand, driven by a trend towards a healthy lifestyle and concern for the environment. Mizer, seeks to satisfy the need to offer healthy food avoiding the generation of waste and all kinds of contamination. The business model is based on recycling or reusing products and including electronic tools to facilitate and streamline service processes, in addition to providing special attention to customers. The opportunity was seen to create a restaurant in an attractive market where, based on the study, 102,994 potential customers and a total of € 139 million were estimated as a potential market. The company has short and long-term objectives. Regarding short-term objectives, it seeks to position itself in the market as a restaurant with high product quality and adapted to new trends. And, in the long term, it is intended to increase employment in the restaurant and increase market share with the help of social networks to promote our philosophy. Mizer requires a high initial investment for the first year of € 23,009 since it is required to buy all the interior furniture and items necessary to carry out the restaurant. The capital structure is made up of the capital contributed by the two partners of € 80,000 and a long-term loan of € 20,000 over 5 years. However, after the economic and financial analysis, we can conclude that with good management it is a profitable and viable project that expects to obtain benefits from the third year.



Martínez Guillén, Mari Carmen  


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management