Simulación de distintas estrategias de atención al público en una cafetería universitaria mediante el software AnyLogic


Altarriba Codinach, Inés


This project develops a model that simulates the functioning of a university cafeteria through the AnyLogic program. For this, data was taken first in order to have the necessary information to obtain a model that fits, as precisely as possible, into the current situation at the studied area. Once the model is obtained, it is analysed to observe the possible bottlenecks and the limitations of the functioning. Finally, different simulations are carried out where the form of payment will be changed, the number of people entering at the establishment, the time of use of the microwave, among others, to see how it affects to the performance of the cafeteria. Strategies to optimize the system will be established, in order to reduce waiting times. To finish, the viability of the proposed modifications will be analysed.



Molins Vara, José Javier


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering