Tendencias tecnológicas en el almacenamiento de la energía eléctrica


Berta Oriol, Jaume


The following paper is a study on the technological trends in electrical energy storage.
As a preamble to the study of current methods of electrical energy storage, and in order to explain and make the reader aware of the importance of an energy transition from fossil to renewable energies, the incidence and current trend of renewable energies in Spain and the world is analysed. It is important to understand that the development of clean energies is essential to limit the effects produced by man on nature and to fight against climate change.
The characteristics of different types of existing energy storage technologies (electrochemical, chemical, electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal and hydroelectric) are then analysed with the aim of comparing them in order to know in which cases their application is ideal. If we want to be able to maximize the contribution of cleanly produced energy to a country's electrical grids, we must be able to produce the maximum at the times that nature allows and store it until it is needed.
Subsequently, some of the current lines of research will be discussed, the technologies studied will be compared based on some critical parameters.
Finally, five current cases are presented where it is necessary to have stored energy, applying in a practical way the knowledge exposed in this work.



Tormo Vento, Juan Antonio


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering