Use of the 3D-printer SINTERIT, LISA (Thermoplastic SLS process)


Romero Blasi, Santiago


The purpose of this final degree project has been to learn how to use the SINTERIT, LISA 3D printer. A printer that prints thermoplastics through the process of SLS, selective laser sintering.
The project has finally focused on making a characterization of the material PA-12 comparing with the data provided by the manufacturer. A guide for any future user of the printer has also been created.
The next objective of this project has been to study lattice structures and see how they behave varies with two different cell types.
To carry out this thesis we have printed several test specimens and lattice structures with the 3D printer. Once we had our printed parts, we could proceed to the characterization of the material by performing tensile tests, roughness, and later rupture analysis. In the meantime, we were creating a user guide and studying the lattice structures.



Guy, Philippe


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering