Utilización de CMEMS en la construcción de biosensores electroquímicos


Climent Pla, Victor  


Electrochemical enzyme biosensors are determined as devices that use specific biochemical reactions, mediated by an enzyme to determine chemical compounds, by means of an electrochemical signal. In this master's thesis, a graphite mesh, synthesized by electrospining and a subsequent pyrolysis, has been used. To use the mesh as an electrode, different Teflon-based support designs have been made to fix the mesh and make electrical contact with the potentiostat. In addition, the exchange current density (i0) of the oxygen reduction reaction in the graphite mesh has been determined, and has compared with the i0 of a platinum and a glassy carbon electrode. Finally, the mesh has been studied as an electrochemical interface for future enzyme biosensors, immobilizing glucose oxidase (GOx) and realizing amperometric measurements.



Abellà Iglesias, Jordi
Colominas Fuster, Sergi


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry