Variación de las propiedades del polvo metálico y de las piezas en verde, en función de ciclos sucesivos de prensado-triturado-prensado. Optimización para la reutilización del polvo


Pascual Sarrias, Juan Ignacio


The main objective of the project is to study the variation in the properties, composition, and grain morphology of a powder premix for sintering through successive pressing and grinding cycles. The development of the project is carried out in the company Motherson Sintermetal Products S.A. located in Ripollet, Barcelona.
It is based on a PREMIX obtained from HOEGANAES CORPORATION EUROPE®, called A-RX-HC40221, consisting mainly of iron, carbon graphite, copper and manganese sulphide with properties proven upon receipt by a DIN EN 10204 3.1 certificate. This powder mixture corresponds to a third of the total production of the company, being the most widely used. Therefore, it is selected for study.
Once the powder has been determined, it is characterized. Basically, a verification through standard laboratory tests of the properties of the product that the manufacturer guarantees to the company. At the same time, the morphology of the powder is studied to see if it is subsequently affected after the successive pressing and grinding cycles.
Subsequently, a certain number of samples will be pressed sufficient to crush them and be able to reuse the powder for re-pressing. These test tubes will be subjected to different tests in green and once they have been sintered, to know the evolution of the properties of the parts manufactured with the premix subjected to these cycles.
At this point, an attempt will be made to determine whether, in compliance with certain working conditions, the company Motherson Sintermetal Products S.A. could reuse the powder from the crushing of green parts out of specifications, thus greatly reducing raw material costs corresponding to 33% of the company's global production, as well as reducing the environmental impact and a higher economic performance.



Borrós i Gómez, Salvador
Claramunt Badia, Ricard


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering