Viabilidad Económica de las diferentes Fuentes de Generación Eléctrica a fecha de 2020


Loscos Martin, Carlos


Nowadays, and for some years, there is a big environmental concern. Countries around the world have been setting up measurements for reducing its polluting emissions. One of the biggest causes of the climatic change in the last years has been the sources of electrical generation, because historically with a very high carbon footprint have been used, or another’s that although they don’t directly affect the climate change, but generate hazardous waste for life on earth.
In this way, the electricity generation by renewable resources has gained a lot of weight, and the majority of countries has inverted big amounts of money destined to the evolution and development of this technologies, so they can achieve a future sustained by renewables sources and zero emissions.
This project try to analyze the economic viability of these renewables sources, proving if the electricity generation by these sources is profitable, and also comparing them with the conventional sources most used for the last years.
So the objective of this project is to prove if renewable sources can compete, in relation to economic benefits and costs, with non-renewables sources.



Gallemí i Rovira, Oriol


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering