Distribution Plan for JUST Egg from Eat Just, Inc. in Spain by HAPH Distributors


Pintaluba Pérez, Mònica
Simón Codina, Mª Blanca



Nowadays the veggie market is exponentially growing, therefore, the need to create animal free and sustainable food is arising. In fact, one of the emerging food categories in the Spanish market is the plant-based egg.
Eggs are a very common food around the world, and they are the most consumed animal protein in the world, but to produce them, large extensions of land and large quantities of water are needed. It is for that reason that finding an alternative with the desired flavor, texture, color, providing the right amount of protein would be very beneficial.
So, our product JUST Egg, is a vegan egg made from plants, not chickens. It tastes and looks just like chicken eggs, making that our customers barely feel any difference from conventional eggs and thus, they are more attracted to the product.
In HAPH Distributors, we will be distributing two formats of JUST Egg, a liquid one and a folded one, from the American company Eat Just, Inc. We will buy the product from them, and it will be shipped every two months to the port of Barcelona. In addition, Eat Just will receive a license fee over the annual sales. Once the product is in Spain, we will be in charge of distributing it to retailers and foodservice companies.
The veggie market size in Spain is a 13% of the Spanish population. During the first year, our target market will be a 0,56% of the veggie population, selling 94.716 boxes. This equals to 2.900.775,02 € of revenue resulting in 139.600,62 € of profit. In the second year, the target increases and considering the CAGR of vegan eggs, our market is 0,82% of the veggie population. The units forecasted to sell are 184.190. This equals to 5.640.875,81 € of revenues resulting in 311.856,75 € of profit.
In the third year, our target increases again, therefore now the target market is 1,09% of the veggie population. The units forecasted to sell are 246.734. This equals to 7.556.155,01 € resulting in 321.730,75 € of profit.
The business plan is profitable, as with the expected sales the net profit is always positive at the end of the first three years. The company will be financed by a bank loan of 100.000 euros together with an investment of 85.000 euros from each partner. This investment will enable the company to purchase the products to Eat Just and make sure they get to all our customers on time. In addition, it will provide the necessary income to pay for the rents and employees.
At first, JUST Egg’s target in Spain will be veggie people that already consume plant-based products, then during the second and third year we expect more veggie people that do not usually consume plant-based eggs start doing it. At last, more in the long run, we expect also omnivores to buy the product, so we achieve a better food system that will help people to eat well.



Cella Moragón, Albert


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management