Estudio y propuestas de digitalización para la mejora formativa en IQS


Arcusa Gil de Oliveira, Víctor


The present work consists of developing a digital whiteboard for the University of IQS. The initial idea was to present several proposals for digitizing the center's classrooms to be considered in the medium/long term (2-3 years). The current circumstances caused by the pandemic have drastically accelerated the need and strategy for digitizing classrooms. Investing properly and as a matter of urgency in new technologies that allow effective virtual teaching is imperative. A study is made of all the existing and necessary devices in a classroom and how to equip them with new technologies that allow online teaching when necessary or a hybrid solution. The main sources of information have been the director of the TFG and the company Tech Data (wholesale distributor of new technologies) where I do the practices. Likewise, I have participated in videoconferences on virtual teaching and I have taken the online course of AVIXA, the association of professionals in the audiovisual industry, with the option of obtaining a highly valued certificate among professionals in this sector. Once the necessary knowledge and concepts are acquired, digital solutions are proposed for the university. The existing devices in the classrooms are analyzed (brands, models, what function they have, what they can contribute to the new objectives, what can be used, advantages, disadvantages, etc.), the users (priorities of the teacher and the student), the ethical and hygienic considerations and environmental aspects. It is about obtaining relevant information for the different proposed solutions. The proposals are based on a hypothetical classroom size of 80 m2; number of classrooms, teachers and students, in addition to considering the aspects and analyzes mentioned above. The three options are compared with the current situation. Results are obtained in the form of budgets and energy consumption, so that there is an estimate of the costs of a possible investment, as well as the impact that the changes would have on the entire environment.



Gallemí Rovira, Oriol
Torne, Marc


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering