Cheng Qiu, JunJie
Peris Martí, Oriol



Nowadays, people tend to take more care of their diets and the quality of the products they consume.
The fast food sector has always had a bad image regarding the quality of the products served, but in recent years, this image has been changing and has led more to a sector where very low quality establishments coexist with others that They stand out for the high quality of their products.
Va de Burg is created to achieve what the population asks for: a company that stands out for the quality of its products and the speed of its preparation and that this quality is accompanied by an affordable price for many.
Va de Burg makes and sells its products in such a way that customers can order and pick up orders at the establishment or they can do so through delivery applications. The establishment specializes in 'take away' and 'delivery', this is due to the fast processing and preparation of the order.
The size of the fast food market is 4,035 million euros and the size of the hamburger subsector is 2,000 million. In the first year, 44,065 units would be sold, equivalent to revenues of 280,774 euros and a gross margin of 149,478 euros.
In the second year, sales of 90,291 units (627,520 euros) are expected with a gross margin of 334,075 euros. And in the third year, sales of 111,927 units (777,894 euros) are expected with a gross margin of 414,132 euros.
The business idea is viable both economically and financially, but requires an initial investment of 120,000 euros and a bank loan of 125,000 euros. This investment is necessary for the transfer of the premises and the works, to be able to pay suppliers, workers and for the material fixed assets. The viability of Va de Burg is shown in a financial plan in which losses are expected in the first year, but from the second there are already profits.
It is hoped that more and more people will get to know Va de Burg and that it will be a well-known brand throughout the Barcelona area, to be able to open more establishments to reach more people, to be known nationally and to be able to franchise the brand.



Fazio Bieto, José


IQS SM -  Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management