Vascular repair patch

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Martorell, J.; Balà, N.; Borrós, S.; Balcells, M. 

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0057 - Institut Químic de Sarriá, CETS Fundació Privada



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The invention relates to a patch for use in the repair of damaged vasculature, and particularly for the repair of aortic dissection. The vascular repair patch comprises a polymeric substrate having first and second major surfaces, and at least first and second polymer filament layers, wherein the polymer filaments of the first polymer filament layer are oriented in parallel and the polymer filaments of the second polymer filament layer are oriented randomly. The patch may further include thrombogenic agents and/or extracellular matrix compounds to promote vascular tissue regeneration at the repair site. The invention further provides methods of making the patch.

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WO 2019/175288

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