Assessing amphiphilic ABAB Zn(II) phthalocyanines with enhanced photosensitization abilities in in vitro photodynamic therapy studies against cancer


Revuelta-Maza, Miguel Á.; Mascaraque, Marta; González-Jiménez, Patricia; González-Camuñas, Arturo; Nonell, Santi; Juarranz, Ángeles; de la Torre, Gema; Torres, Tomás


We have previously demonstrated that singlet oxygen photosensitization abilities of Zn(II) phthalocyanines (Zn(II)Pcs) are enhanced through α-functionalization with bulky fluorinated substituents (i.e., bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl units) at facing positions of ABAB Zn(II)Pcs, where A and B refer to differently functionalized isoindoles. In this work, we have prepared the Zn(II)Pc ABAB 1 endowed with hydrophilic triethylene glycol monomethyl ether (i.e., at the A isoindoles) to provide solubility in aqueous media, together with its A3B and A4 counterparts, and compared their ability to behave as photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy. All photophysical data, aggregation studies and preliminary in vitro biological assays in cell cultures of SCC-13 (squamous cell carcinoma) and HeLa (cervical cancer cells), have proved ABAB 1 as the best photosensitizer of the series.








Molecules, 4 January 2020, v.25, n.1, 213

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